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Poinsettia Care Tips


Poinsettias like it warm, but not hot. Don’t place it next to a heater or oven. Cold can be deadly for poinsettias. Keep your plant away from doors often opened to the cold, or drafts. Because poinsettias are usually sold in the winter months, we always wrap them in plastic for you to transport to your home or office.

Poinsettias Are Forever

There’s no need to trash your poinsettias after Christmas! It’s actually quite easy to make them flower next holiday season. Here’s how:

    1.) In late spring, cut the plant back to about 8 inches tall.

    2.) Continue to water your poinsettia as needed, adding an all-purpose fertilizer ever

    few weeks.

    3.) In July, if the plant has become too big or “leggy,” pinch it back. Be sure to always leave

    four to six leaves on each branch.

    4.) Here’s the hard part: lighting. Poinsettias bloom when the days become shorter than the

    night. Unfortunately, most people don’t shut off all their lights when the sun goes down. A

    number of things can be done to create a dark atmosphere for the plant. You can place a

    large box over it when the sun goes down, or place it in a closet. Just remember to take it

    out again in the morning! Poinsettias need 6-8 hours of light each day.

Hold Up. Aren’t Poinsettias poisonous?

NO! Just an old wives tale. Research on this subject is well documented.

Download or Print our Poinsettia fact sheet

A Holiday Staple

There is no plant more closely associated with a holiday than the poinsettia. And why not? The poinsettia’s bright red leaves scream Christmas! Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the proper steps to take in caring for them.


Poinsettias do not like overly wet conditions. Overwatering can even spell the end of a poinsettia’s life. In this plant’s case, less is more. Let the top inch of soil dry out between waterings. This should be about once a week in a household. When you do water your poinsettia, either give it a small ‘drink,’ or immerse the pot in water and let it’s roots soak it up.

And remember, never water a poinsettia while in a decorative wrapping or foil.


Poinsettias are tropical plants. Therefore, while indoors they should be placed in as bright a place as possible. A bright, sunny window is a good spot.

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