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Hey! Did you know we process our own mulch right on site? It’s super fresh!
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Triple Ground Mulch - Our triple ground mulch (sometimes referred to as ‘natural mulch’) obtains its dark brown color through natural decomposition. It is amended with leaf compost which adds nutrients to your garden.

Dyed Black/Brown - Our dyed mulch is shredded hardwood that is processed with an environmentally friendly fiber colorant. This allows it to retain its color for an extended period of time. The shredded hardwood will break down slower than our natural mulch.

One yard of mulch roughly covers 324 cubic feet, or 108 square feet. That’s a 10’ x 10’ area in your garden, 3 inches deep.

Yes! We deliver fast, too, so you can get your landscape job done as soon as possible. Delivery charge is based on distance.

Nothing is free! Some other mulch suppliers bundle their delivery fees into the base mulch price, so you pay more for the mulch itself. A lot of our customers pick their mulch up, so we charge for delivery separately.