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Chances are you probably don't live inside a tropical greenhouse. Most houses only have so many sunny windows to fill up with plants before they must step into the dreaded "low light" areas of the house. Low light is generally defined as eight to ten feet or more away from a window. Areas like hallways, foyers, mudrooms, stairways, basements, lobbies and other less-than-sunny places are often problem areas for plant lovers.

Thankfully, there are a few plants that will do well in these spots! A word to the wise - all plants do need light. Therefore, don't expect any plant to survive a dark closet or attic. However, the following plants will indeed survive and look great in low light areas, just don't expect tons of growth from them. Often, they will maintain their size, or grow slowly.

The Chinese evergreen is a wildly popular plant at malls and offices. Why? It’s one tough plant. The Chinese Evergreen will tolerate nearly any lighting condition, from low light to high light (just not direct sun.)

Aglaonemas are commonly known as Chinese Evergreens due to their cultivation in China for centuries prior to being introduced to Europe and the Americas. They are one of the most recognizable and widely-used indoor houseplants. Their most appealing features are their longevity, and their attractive foliage.

This is an African plant with stiff, upright leaves of green or green with yellow stripes. The Snake Plant can also handle almost any lighting conditions - it’ll do well in low light or high light. Be careful not to overwater this plant, as doing so can lead to root rot.  The Snake Plant is extremely resilient and long lasting.

The Spathiphyllum, commonly know as the Peace Lily, is popular for its ability to survive less-than-ideal conditions and its bright white “flowers” called spathes. The Peace Lily will do well in low light, however it may produce fewer or smaller flowers.

4.) Pothos [Epipremnum aureum]

Golden Pothos is perhaps the most popular hanging house plant available. However, it is also available in pots which can be left to spill over your table or desk, or trained to climb a pole. This plant prefers warmer temperatures, so keep it away from cold drafts. Pothos comes in many variations of green, yellow, and white. Aim for darker green foliage when used in low light areas.

Other great plants for low light:

Heart Leaf Philodendron



Rex Begonia

5.) Janet Craig Dracaena

Perhaps the best low light house plant of them all. Janet Craig features long, thick foliage in many colors, including dark green and lemon yellow varieties. Featured to the right is ‘Lemon Lime’, a striped variety.

Low Light House Plants

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